Rio’s dad passed away shortly after his delivery

He had been an adventurer and a former royal protect of Karasuki Kingdom. Five or six ages before Rio’s birth, this new Karasuki Kingdom had been within combat towards the Rokuren Kingdom for a time, while making lifestyle from inside the Zen’s town while others regarding kingdom, tricky. To reduce the number of mouths to pass through within his family, Zen remaining their community.

Just after making, Zen entered the newest kingdom’s military. Shortly after here, their ability getting heart arts and you will army arts, respectively, trapped Gouki’s vision; compliment of you to definitely, Zen easily notable himself. They failed to take long to own your become also known as a beneficial combat hero from the empire your king urai.»

Considering society, people known samurai duel immediately following a ceremony, with certainly one of their elderly people — just who into the Zen’s case try Gouki. Gouki at that time had been regarded once the most powerful into the this new kingdom. Fundamentally, Zen destroyed up against Gouki because of the a slimmer margin, but Gouki, impressed having Zen’s experience, started initially to strongly recommend him because a regal shield, getting your somewhere among Ayame’s bodyguards which have Gouki and Kayoko.

Ayame increased a bit brought to Zen in no time since for the lady, he was the fresh embodiment of all things she always wished-for: the country away from palace. Ayame, which have Gouki and you may Kayoko, would instruct Zen the newest ways and you may decorum necessary for a regal shield, and later of the Ayame’s insistence (without paying mind to Zen’s reluctance), they would visit Zen’s town in wonders a few times.

Weeks afterwards, the new Rokuren Empire carry out suggest an effective ceasefire treaty to the Karasuki Kingdom and you can send its prince because the an ambassador. The night when citizens were honoring the latest enough time-lasting war going to an-end, you to same prince do buy Ayame’s kidnapping; Zen arrested new kidnapper, however they committed committing suicide immediately following. Brand new Rokuren prince, with this experience so you’re able to his ends up, stated it your own attack against him and you can suggested Zen’s execution and age since the requirements to own persisted the latest ceasefire.

She is Rio’s mommy — good princess on Karasuki Empire on Yagumo part — shortly after Zen turned into the girl bodyguard she quickly warmed up so you’re able to him, as he do have a tendency to share with the girl tales of your external world

The brand new king pretended to help you consent, if you are at the same time commanding Zen to go away the nation together with his daughter, to buy him or her date preparing to own profitable the battle via a good amaze attack. It succeeded at the expense of Zen and Ayame losing the place in the newest Yagumo region, that have good bounty on the minds getting desertion and you can kidnapping out of royalty.

Just after going to the fresh Strahl part, Zen and you can Ayame began being employed as adventurers, traveling to different locations. Immediately following Ayame became pregnant having Rio, it settled within the Beltrum’s investment, where they purchased a cheap family in a city apparently a beneficial, outside the castle structure. In the exact middle of adapting into the town, Lucius approached them pretending are amicable, assuming Rio had been a baby, killed Zen, so it is lookup when he screwed up hands on. Thank goodness, Zen made adequate currency having Ayame and you will Rio locate of the for years rather than functioning, however, five years afterwards Lucius manage in the end reveal their correct tone, and you may just after raping and you will eliminating Ayame in front of Rio, took everything from them and given up Rio from the slums.

Ayame Karasuki [ ]

She, and Gouki and you can Kayoko, carry out silence people go against Zen getting the girl bodyguard and you can instruct him most of the expected manners and you can decorum to have a regal protect. While doing so, she would have a tendency to ask Zen you need to take beyond your palace so you can metropolises such as his community, for the begrudging of second. The girl father realized their shared thoughts way back, but getting them hitched wasn’t you’ll once the nobles from other factions won’t create Ayame to find ous while the a combat champion on empire, and Ayame by herself having a low standing to your series checklist.

Rio’s dad passed away shortly after his delivery

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